The Ranges

Control Range

On this range the gradient of the ground is flat, there are no light illusions, there is no dead ground, there are no obstacles and the ranges are marked, hence the name "Control range". It is a great place to…

  • Teach new archers how to shoot safely
  • Warm up
  • Practise
  • Test new equipment
  • Tune bows
The Control range comprises eleven flat face targets which can be shot at ranges from 5m to 75m.

3D Field Range

This is where the fun starts! On this range the gradient of the ground is variable, "dead ground" is plentiful, there are lots of light illusions, there are many obstacles and the ranges are not marked. It should really be called "Multi dimensional range" but we will stick with convention on this one. Welcome to the "3 Dimensional Field range". It is a great place to…

  • Compete with yourself or friends
  • Relax
  • Have fun
  • Enjoy the views
  • Break and lose arrows

The 3D range comprises forty targets cunningly set up in several acres of woods and fields. These are life sized model animals. Some are small, like the Owl and Stoat, some are big like the Bears! Each target has a Kill Zone. Hits inside the Kill Zone are classified as K-Kill (Catastrophic Kill). Hits outside the Kill Zone are classified as M-Kill (Mobility Kill). Target ranges are between 10m and 90m.

Each target has a set of associated shooting positions that you will see on approach to the target. The Silver pegs are for the Jedi, Red pegs for Competition starts, White pegs for the experienced, White pegs are a bit easier, Blue pegs are for new archers using hire equipment and young children.

As a group decide on what colour peg to start on. Red is a good one for most. With one foot on the peg, each archer shoots just one arrow at the target. If an archer has missed the target then they repeat the shot from the next peg down. This way every single shot is different and presents its own challenges. Once everyone has either shot the target or expended three arrows move on to the next target and repeat from the group's starting peg. Only one arrow per archer on each target counts towards the score. Score cards can be found in the office.

Roving Range

From the peace and tranquillity of the 3D range you step onto the battlefield that is the Roving Range.

There are two types of soldier on the Battlefield, "Archers" and "Targets". Here you will join forces with allied Archers against the Knights!

Targets mainly comprise six life size Knights complete with swords and shields, though there are other random targets for example a Speed Camera, the odd Teletubby and anything else that people bring that they want to shoot at!

Ranges 1m – 284m.

The Game

All Archers shoot from the same position at the same target. Closest arrow tip to the target wins and that archer designates the next target. It's as simple as that but you would be amazed at how much fun this range is and how imaginative people can be :0)

If you want to spice it up a bit then play the Old Skool Rules. It's as above but each Archer starts from where their arrow lands. One wild shot may result in a lot of hard work to recover and get back into the game.